Jim Marshall 150x150Jim Marshall was born in Athens, Ohio. He is a graduate of Ohio Christian University and George Fox Seminary (WES). Jim spent 8 years singing with Gospel Quartets. As a Pastor he has served seven churches in Ohio, Indiana, Oregon, Georgia and Alberta, Canada. He also served as a missionary with World Gospel Mission in Kenya.

Jim and his wife Marg have been married for 38 years, they have four children.



Code Billy

Life’s lessons are all around us, we just need to slow 13235493863671504976531down enough to observe and learn from them. Code Billy: 75 Real Life Meditations is a collection of lessons I’ve learned from real life situations. Whether it be shopping, driving my car or just sitting on the front porch “watching the world go by”, I have witnessed real situations that have caused me to pause and think. In every instance the Bible has something helpful to say about what I’ve experienced. I hope these meditations speak to you as well. BUY NOW!