John Pfiefer 150x150John Pfeifer was born in the baby boom years following WW II. His father was a preacher and had been part of a generation that was raised in the great depression. Johns’ life was greatly influenced by the realities of both these times. As a teenager in the 60s, a very different influence of anti-establishment started to affect Johns’ life. He fell into drugs and alcohol which resulted in dropping out of college and throwing away an invitation to apply at West Point Military Academy. In 1980 at 29 years old, John had been in jail in every town he lived in and had been in AA for 5 years.  At that time he had a wife Glenda, and 2 children, Scott 8, and Mandy 4. His life and family was about to collapse when he experienced a very real visit from God about mid-night while drinking in a local bar. Walking outside, looking toward heaven, and repenting, the very Spirit of God entered into him. That encounter was over 30 years ago and the perspective and wisdom that started to develop that night has lead John down a very different path of life. The content of this book is a result of hard times, good times, and bad times that just could “change your life for good!”

I’ve Never Thought of it that Way

Life is not a crap shoot and we are not at the mercy of 1338316317688821066354dumb luck! The difference between man and beast is that man has the ability to reason. Because of this, man has been given dominion over all of creation. A prosperous and happy life is a result of your ability to make the right choices. Everyday choices that seem to be insignificant can affect the rest of your life. This book will help you embrace a new way of thinking that will guide you to truth. Doing the right thing is not as obscured and difficult as you might think.  BUY NOW!