Tony Robbins 150x150Dr. Tony Robbins has been a Pastor for over 27 years, currently serving as Pastor of Covenant Evangelical Church of Christ in Christian Union.  His Christian heritage includes both his grandfather and father being pastors. Tony has a B.A. in Theology, Masters in Christian Counseling, and a Doctorate in Ministry in Christian Counseling from Jacksonville Theological Seminary.  In addition, Tony has been published in multiple publications and is an award winning Gospel songwriter.

Tony is married to Dr. Melody A. Robbins.  They have two children, son A.J. Robbins is married to Mary Elizabeth Scott Robbins, A.J. is currently serving in Iraq, and daughter Betty Louise Robbins. As well as three grandchildren:  Love, Malachi, Kourageous.

Choosing to Choose

In the vast and complex realm of self-help material, writers have given many 13191387172971761120313solutions for how to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back in the saddle when life has bucked you off. The advice they give in most cases is sound and can make a huge difference in your climb out of a seemingly impossible hole. Positive thinking, planning, and even good leadership can most definitely turn your life around. However, if the root of the problem does not change, you may find yourself right back in the same trampled place, seeking help again. This book is designed to take a look at why you are, where you are. It is to help you see you have a choice! BUY NOW!