About the Book

Have you ever thought what your life would look like, if when you were growing up you had been provided a guide, or a weekly class that answered the “how-to” of overcoming some of life’s biggest obstacles? If you have a ‘tween girl in your life, and your hope is that she’ll emerge as a young woman who loves and values her life, understands her true purpose, and recognizes her unique gifts…than this book is a must read for you. Whether it’s your own daughter, your student, or a group of girls that have captured your heart, you can teach them the one thing that’s required to triumph over any problem or challenge they face. ‘Tween girls are living in an accelerated world. On a daily basis they are bombarded with bullies and girl drama, social and school pressure, as well as the constant struggle to develop quality relationships and friendships with people they can trust. These girls are over-scheduled, over- worked, and over- rehearsed. Somewhere in between the classroom, the practice field, the rehearsal studio, and the worship hall, girls are requiring a time-out to just be “girls”. It is in the context of the time-out where their questions get answered. Girls learn what makes them who they are and why they do what they do. They learn to recognize the importance of living life based on values and principles. They learn the true meaning of leadership, and a respect for self and others. They learn that while they might be the targets of a bully or girl drama, they have the power to put an end to anyone or anything that makes them feel uncomfortable or intimidated. This guide for “Doing Life” with ‘tween girls is essential, not to mention critical. History suggests that a young girl by the name of Esther was responsible for saving a generation. The time is now for a revolutionary group of girls to emerge. Girls that are committed to stepping up and speaking up. Girl’s that recognize even if life’s situations are difficult, they are not impossible to overcome. Girls that can pave the way for a new generation…their own!


About Donna

My name is Donna Dennehy, and I have spent most of my adult career working as a Broadcaster and Music Director in the radio industry. While working in the Philadelphia radio market, I also served as a mentor to a ‘tween-age girl. While I’ve had an extremely successful and award-winning career in broadcasting, nothing has been more fulfilling to me than the heart I’ve discovered for ‘tween girls. I have found that by intercepting them in the world they were living in, I could actually help them learn an invaluable lesson on how to “do life”. The art of courage is elusive for most of us, but if taught early in life (pre-teen) ‘tween girls could potentially overcome some of life’s biggest obstacles. This collection of conversations and lessons is based on personal life experience, as well as spending countless hours in the company of many fabulous ‘tween girls. It is my hope that you will receive its message with a heart that is tender, ears that are open, and a mind that is willing to embrace its purpose.