There are two ways to live life: By Accident, or On Purpose.

“By accident” means that there is no vision, no plan, and no team to help make things happen. But since nothing actually needs to happen, it doesn’t really matter.

“On purpose” means there is a “higher calling” to pursue. An underlying design that is significant, a vision that is clear, a plan that is defined, and a dedicated team that is willing to follow a committed leader. In this case, everything matters because something worthwhile and meaningful is about to happen!

Mike Ingram has spent a lifetime figuring out how this all works. THE MASTER PLAN takes all the pieces of success and fits them all together in a perfect picture of what your future could look like!

Some parts of this book apply to your career; some to your relationships; and some to your personal life. But if you desire a complete and rewarding life, you’ll want to incorporate these principles in your personal master plan. Join Mike on a personal journey filled with hope, humor, and triumph…and prepare to be inspired!


Mike Ingram is a self-made entrepreneur and philanthropist who has transformed parched desert land into thriving cities, owns a piece of the world champion Arizona Diamondbacks, and enthusiastically supports charities that defend America and the freedoms we all hold so dear.



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