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The death of twenty-five year old Brandon Whitten in 2002 took his father, Reggie, down a path no one could have imagined. Brandon was the All-American kid—football player, popular student, wonderful son.  But while playing college football, Brandon became addicted to prescription drugs and alcohol leading to the death of his girlfriend and, three years later, the loss of his own life.  Brandon’s death profoundly changed Reggie’s life.

With gripping drama, Reggie Whitten describes the path he has walked since 2002.  From being depressed and “on fire” in the wake of Brandon’s death to starting non-profits that invest in the lives of others, Reggie tells the story of a life no one wants to live but everyone can learn from.  In What’s Your Fate?, Reggie and others tell the story of how substance abuse impacts lives and how you can do something to address the biggest issue facing our nation.  Filled with multiple testimonies from athletes who have made good decisions to doctors who have not, What’s Your Fate? will move your heart and then motivate you to act.

FATE is a non-profit organization dedicated to changing the culture of substance abuse by telling true stories of successes and failures.  For more information about FATE go to