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Our world today has exponentially come face-to-face with suffering and death. Does God sovereignly control what happens to us or lovingly care? The answer seems to be “no” until you look into the true nature of God. The author invites you to explore with him God’s fundamental essence as witnessed by God’s own words and actions and the words and actions
of those who knew Him best. Men like Job, Jacob, and Jeremiah who experienced the bitterness of life while walking under the shadow of death. The questions of good and evil, as well as, sin and suffering are raised, and definitive answers are given as the author shows God’s nature to be clearly expressed through the realms of His goodness, evidenced by the redemption of His love, and experienced through the riches of His grace.


sh“Steve’s book tackles great, profound questions that believers and those without faith ask. He answers those questions with firm biblical truth, with solid scholarship, and yet with a practical voice. As I read Steve’s book, many times I said to myself, ‘I need to use this in a message.’ I recommend this book to all pastors and to all laypersons who wish to step out into the deep and consider the character of God.”
–Chet Martin, former Wabash Conference Superintendent, Free Methodist Church

“Steve Hickman has written a helpful book that deals forthrightly with such questions as: ‘If God is sovereign, why does he allow disasters that wreak so much havoc and deliver so much suffering to innocent people?’ He does not give simplistic answers but delves into God’s character. He reinforces every point with appropriate and insightful Scripture references. I commend his book to every pastor and serious Bible student.”
–Ron McClung, Assistant General Secretary, The Wesleyan Church

“A most interesting and meaningful book! The reader will be challenged, enlightened and motivated to overcome life’s circumstances through the power of God. Steve Hickman has raised great questions and provided dynamic answers to the questions that so many ask. A great read!”
–Stan Toler, Bestselling Author and Speaker